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Home Safety Tip#1

Do not create an avenue for intruders. Find out how in this post

It has become imperative these days to have your home and other property protected from all forms of intruders. In a few paragraphs you will find out simple ways to keep your home as the safe haven it is suppose to be.

Don’t provide spots for thieves to hide

  • Trees and bushes sometimes create a dark and enclosed areas for thieves or burgulars to hide. It may also give unnoticeable access to your windows. It is advisable to trim back any shrubs that are high enough to block a window.
  • You will also need to take a critical look at the lighting of your property. Look for places around your home that are very dark and may allow a thief access to your home. Consider installing lights in various places that can light up entrances but not too bright to conserve energy and not annoy your neighbors or yourself.

Continue watching this space for more on safety tips

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